Modern House Design covered in luxury

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Glossy Kitchen Cabinet With Stainless Steel Faucet With Chairs  And Modern Tools  On The White Cabinet With Lamps On The  Ceiling In Much Natural Light From The Windows Glass  Also White Modern Sofa

Still in the area of relaxed home designs, in today’s post, we are going to talk about a modern house that blends the interior with the exterior. This house is designed in an open floor plan that opens up the interior to the fresh exterior. This house also features relaxing outdoor facilities that create a perfect living environment.

I’m sure that every day you leave your office feeling tired, and the first thing you want to do when you get home is relax. This modern house has a design that lets you do exactly that.

The large swimming pool has a blue floor and it’s perfectly placed in the yard to offer a fresh space to spend time in. It’s surrounded by beautiful green grass, paths and trees that keep the air clean and provide a gorgeous overlook from inside the house. Comfy lounges are also placed on the side of the pool to offer a resting area, or even a sunbathing one. There’s also an outdoor dining space that you can enjoy every day.

To get inside this modern house you have to use a glass door that leads into a bright living room with a modern gray sofa. The sofa is set to face the floor to ceiling glass windows, to get the perfect outdoor view. The room décor also features a white table, chairs and a white rug on a wooden floor. A flat screen TV is also installed in the room to serve the need of digital entertainment. The TV is attached to a large bookshelves perfect for storing all kind of things.

The crystal chandelier, above the dining room, illuminates the interior with elegant light. The lavender planter on the table adds a fresh touch to the design. The kitchen features a glossy island with modern tools for a stylish cooking place. The family room, office room, bedroom, and also the bathroom are all set to present a luxurious and stylish design, while creating a relaxed atmosphere. This modern house features a smart design that creates a very comfortable living space that’s worth checking out.

Green Yard Of A Modern House With Green Grass And Plants Outside Of Modern Open Floor House With Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass With White Facade And Much Natural Light

Large Bed In White Color Also Pillow On The Wooden Floor With Flat Screen Tv On The Wall Facing To The Floor To Ceiling Glass Door Also  Windows On The  Side Overlooking The Blue Swimming Pool On The Yard

Large Dining Table With Many White Chairs Also Lavender Planter With Beautiful Crystal Chandelier Above And Also Elegant Wall Sconces And Black Standing Cabinet On The Wall With Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass

Large Modern Swimming Pool In Blue Light Decoration And Outdor Dining Also Comfy Lounges With Trees Also Wooden Deck In Front Of Modern Open Floor House  In Elegant Ligting Decoration

Living Room In Gray Sofa And Lounges Also White Table And Wooden Stool With Blasters Chairs And Planters With Flat Screen Tv On The Large Bookshelves Also Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass

Gallery of Modern House Design covered in luxury
modern bright living room with white sofa loungea and strip rug with wooden table and stool on stripped rug with wooden floor also standing floor lamspo and wooden bookshelves on the wall
glossy kitchen cabinet with stainless steel faucet with chairs  and modern tools  on the white cabinet with lamps on the  ceiling in much natural light from the windows glass  also white modern sofa
large bed in white color also pillow on the wooden floor with flat screen tv on the wall facing to the floor to ceiling glass door also  windows on the  side overlooking the blue swimming pool on the yard
wooden staircase in dogleg with glass railing on the side of the living room and kitchen with black metal handing on the white wall in much natural light from the windows
green yard of a modern house with green grass and plants outside of modern open floor house with floor to ceiling windows glass with white facade and much natural light
large modern swimming pool in blue light decoration and outdor dining also comfy lounges with trees also wooden deck in front of modern open floor house  in elegant ligting decoration
modern bathroom with black granite cabinet and stainless steel faucet also white modern bathtub and toilet also standing faucet next to the trub with large mirror and also windows glass overlooking the yard
wooden office desk and white elegant chair on wooden floor also black modern  shelves and floor to ceiling windows glass with curtain in much natural light overlooking the green yard
living room in gray sofa and lounges also white table and wooden stool with blasters chairs and planters with flat screen tv on the large bookshelves also floor to ceiling windows glass
large dining table with many white chairs also lavender planter with beautiful crystal chandelier above and also elegant wall sconces and black standing cabinet on the wall with floor to ceiling windows glass

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