Modern House Design Filled by Luxury Near Moscow

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Bathroom Design Modern House Near Moscow

For some people, modern house design is still number one. I also agree with it because the modern design has the flexibility to adapt. The modern design doesn’t have to always be combined with the minimalist arrangement. It can also be mixed with the luxurious and lavish design. You can also find this thing inside this awesome home that located in near Moscow. You will be surprised to see how wonderful is the modern design to be combined with the lavish and luxurious style.

This home is created by Architect Olga Freiman and takes place near the Moscow, Russia. From the pictures that sent by Manolo Yllera, we can see that this home has a wonderful and interesting style. Modern style can perfectly appear from the materials that used in this home beginning from metal, glass, and concrete. The glass is so dominant in this home and it is used in the big frequency. In the glass windows there are pretty metal accents that can make this home comes more stylish and fashionable. The windows give so many access for the owner to enjoy the environment outside it. The wood accents inside this home can make the overall design seems elegant and classy.

The overall arrangement of this home has the same theme. Modern with the classy wood touch. Wood is used everywhere. The walls, roof, floor, and furniture that used in this home are mostly beautified by this element. It also has an indoor swimming pool under the wood stairs that can bring more luxury. Even so, the bedroom comes with its simple style, but still bring the luxury. The bathroom is unique for me because it has the perfect usage between the wood and stone on the sink. The dinning table seems awesome to be combined with the glass walls with the square accents that can make the room seems bigger and more spacious. So, have you found the inspiration from this eye catching and elegant modern house?

Bathroom Detail Modern House Near Moscow

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