Modern House with a Transparent Design

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Comfy Rocking Chairs And Lounge Bed Also Wooden Bench And Sofa Of A Living Room On Transparence House With Wooden Table And Warm Gray Rug Under Hight Ceiling Also In Front Of Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass

In this era of modern home design, many designers are thinking about different ways to construct open plan houses. Actually they try to combine an open floor concept with a transparent design. This idea uses many large glass windows to create a spacious and interesting home. This way the inhabitants can easily interact with the outdoor from inside the house and vice versa. It is almost like there is no boundary between the interior and the exterior. In today’s article we will give you a short review of a transparent modern house design to get some inspiration.

This house is built on two levels with large glass windows in the front, creating a glass wall that makes the design look transparent. This modern house features a sleek wooden ceiling with integrated sparkle lamps that illuminate the house beautifully, especially at night. The white semitransparent curtains are applied on some of the windows to give privacy when the inhabitants need it. So, this house can be adjusted between a social open space, and a private place to live in. There is also a spacious terrace with a floor tile pattern and comfy chairs and a table at the end, creating an inviting space.

This modern house offers several rooms openly designed with interesting decorations. The family room is designed with a comfy sofa lounge and a lounge chair that are designed to face the wide flat screen TV on the wooden cabinet. A gray warm rug on the floor creates a nice focal point in the room. The white curtains with integrated elegant lights decorate the room to look more elegant, along with the rounded floor lamp in the corner.

The living room offers a comfy lounge bed, rocking chairs, a wooden bench, and also a modern sofa perfect for gatherings, relaxing, and let’s face it, it’s a great sitting place in the home. The room is designed to directly face the yard, so the inhabitants can enjoy the view while relaxing and sitting inside. The dining room, the bedroom, and also the bathroom are all designed in interesting ways to provide comfy and cozy living spaces for the inhabitants. It is really a breathtaking transparent modern house design.

Interesting Dining Room Of Transparence House With Rounded Wooden Table And White Chairs On Granite Floor With White Concrete Wall Also Bright Lighting Decoration And Unique Ornament Next To The It

Large Transparence House With White Concerete Facade Also Wooden Finsihing On The Ceiling With Wide Window Glass And Plants And Small Stone Decoration On The Yard With Glass Facade On The Roof

Modern Living Room With High Ceiling Of Transparence House With Comfy Lounge Bed And Also Rocking Chairs And Sofa With Rectangular Table And White Light From The Windows Glass Under Wooden Ceiling

Modern Sleek Family Room With White Curtain And Elegant Lighting Also Comfy Sofa And Modern Flat Screen TV Also Warm Rug And Rounded Lamps On The Corrner Of Transparence House

Spacious Rooftop Terrace Of Transparence House With Gray Floor And White Slopping Railing Overlooking The Beautiful View Of Green Surrounding And Lake Accross Also Beautiful Horizon

Gallery of Modern House with a Transparent Design
modern living room with high ceiling of transparence house with comfy lounge bed and also rocking chairs and sofa with rectangular table and white light from the windows glass under wooden ceiling
spacious rooftop terrace of transparence house with gray floor and white slopping railing overlooking the beautiful view of green surrounding and lake accross also beautiful horizon
spacious terrace of transparence house with sleek and textured wooden ceiling in front of large windows glass and comfy red chairs and table at the end of the terrace facing to the spacious yard
comfy rocking chairs and lounge bed also wooden bench and sofa of a living room on transparence house with wooden table and warm gray rug under hight ceiling also in front of floor to ceiling windows glass
transparence house with large windows glass on the front also sleek wooden ceiling with sparkle lamp lights also spacious terrace in tiles pattern also semi transparent curtain
large transparence house with white concerete facade also wooden finsihing on the ceiling with wide window glass and plants and small stone decoration on the yard with glass facade on the roof
wooden rolling door of a transparence house with elegant lighting and white curtain also white concrete facade leadingto the modern family room with warm rug and comfy sofa
white bright bathroom of transparence house with wooden cabinet and large mirror also white wall with stainless steel faucet and white porcelain sink and white bright lighting on the wall and ceiling
interesting dining room of transparence house with rounded wooden table and white chairs on granite floor with white concrete wall also bright lighting decoration and unique ornament next to the it
modern sleek family room with white curtain and elegant lighting also comfy sofa and modern flat screen TV also warm rug and rounded lamps on the corrner of transparence house

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