Modern Kitchen Concept with a country Influence

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Blue Kitchen With Uniwue Kitchen Island And Whute Cabinet

Sometimes is really difficult to choose the right concept for your kitchen décor. Especially if you can’t choose between two styles. But who says you have to choose? Have you ever thought about just using both? In today’s post we bring together a modern kitchen concept with a country influence. A modern style emphasizes a soft and simple design. On the other hand, a country design is famous for wooden, stone or granite elements.

The first modern kitchen seems to have a very strong country vibe due to the wall. The rustic stone wall, left unpainted looks wonderful. Mix it with arched doorways to emphasize the country effect. Place a kitchen island made of wood near the window and a rustic dining table set in the middle of the room. This way, the simple elements will be perfectly matched together. On the other side of the room you can place a big side board to keep your kitchen appliances neatly positioned. A dusty looking mosaic floor will make your modern kitchen even more beautiful and unusual.

It you want the modern concept to be dominant, place the kitchen island in the center of the room. Use an iron pendant light and a terracotta bucket on the table or sideboard.

Blue Kitchen Wuth A Set Of Dining Table In The Middle And Kitchen Island

Brown Theme Kitchen With Big Side Board And Tera Cota Pendant Lamp

Country Look Kitchen With Stone Wall And Arched Doorways Plus Wooden Material

Full Wooden Material In A Country Theme Kitchen

Iron Pendant Lamp Above The Dining Table Combined With Wooden Table Is Georgeous

Gallery of Modern Kitchen Concept with a country Influence
blue kitchen wuth a set of dining table in the middle and kitchen island
country look kitchen with stone wall and arched doorways plus wooden material
brown theme kitchen with big side board and tera cota pendant lamp
kitchen island in the middle and white side board on the side
full wooden material in a country theme kitchen
ivory white kitchen furniture with marmer floor and large window
kitchen island in the middle of the room with hanging kitchen appliances as a decoration
iron pendant lamp above the dining table combined with wooden table is georgeous
red-white theme kitchen with a large winwow for good natural light
blue kitchen with uniwue kitchen island and whute cabinet

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