Modern Mobile City: Movable and Flexible

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Flexibility can be a good thing to be the man concept in architecture, for example is the mobile city. Mobile city designs are always interesting because I guess it will be so great if a city can appear and disappear easily and moving from a place into another places in the next years, month, or might be day. The mobile super cities idea like this should be a good solution for many problems that make the people must move in another area quickly. Just like what we can see in the disaster emergency post. So, why don’t we apply this great idea?

Just like what has done by Weatherhaven, a unique corporation that built by an awesome couple who has created a unique organizing corporation. This corporation can make any mobile area in hard surroundings including arranging the concept, transportation, and all elements that needed including to solve the logistical problem to these area.

This is not only about a common camp out. But, more complicated than it. We are talking about a city. Big scale of organization with many people inside it. This is a big plan with many people in a city can move to another better place if it is needed (if they get problem with water, weather, etc). Even so, the city here must have the real facilities such as school, hospital, etc. I am talking about a city that filled with hundreds tent and can be moved in the next day with the truck. So, forget about making and renovating home that takes time so long, here you only need a little time to fix it up.

And then finally they can move without leaving any trace. No one will realize that this area ever be a city. Just like what we used to see in modern era. Everything can be created easily and removed easily too. Interesting, right?

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