Modern Ping Pong Apartment with The Citizen Style

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Apartment Designed With 25000 Ping Pong Balls Hypenotice Design Ideas

If you are interested in sport especially ping pong, you will be very comfortable to staying in these ping pong apartment. These ping pong ball apartment is created from the real ping pong ball that arranged in the wall and cover all areas of the room. Don’t you think that this is so interesting to find an apartment that made out from ping pong balls? Because honestly, this is so unique.

A little space, so much time and the little touch of crazy theme and idea have been combined to form these awesome bedroom inside this small apartment in Brooklyn, New York City. Created by the smart people of NYC firm Snarkitecture, the overall design can make everyone who see this speechless and get shocked. They create these bedroom from so many ping pong balls with the combination color between black, white, and grey.

The circular shape of the ball can result a unique appearance for the bedroom with the modern and amazing style. Just an information, they need 25000 balls to fill the room and form these awesome bedroom. Combined with the perfect lighting, these room can perfectly create a modern space to show the flexibility and simplicity of the urban lifestyle.

All of those accent is combined with the white floor and furniture. A small storage space an area to hang your clothes and keep all of your shoes is prepared here in the white color. The roof is made with the straight lines and accent in the same color with the square accent that can also act as a space to bring the light in. So, the room will be illuminated perfectly by the light and make the room seems bigger and larger. The overall element can bring the openness and clean atmosphere inside the room and creating the perfect modern space.

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