Modern Residence with a Lake View

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Bathroom Of Posh Potuguese Residence

All of you who like to stay in a modern living space and want to enjoy the best views from all the rooms in your home, check out this posh Portuguese residence. This home is located in Parque Atlantico, Portugal and its positioning allows you to enjoy some attractive views such as the San Lorenzo golf course, a gorgeous lake view, a sea view and some other spectacular surprises.

You will also love this residence for its attractive room designs. When you check the master bedroom you will find a green panorama and blue sky views that will become your best partner at bedtime. You will have a good sleep and feel relaxed when you’ll go to bed in this bedroom with a lake view.

The residence also features a private pool and also a Jacuzzi terrace that will make you feel like living in a castle.

Next, let’s move on to the kitchen. It’s truly beautiful! There is a center island and the space is connected with the outdoor area, so all the sun light is able to enter the kitchen and dining area. From the kitchen and dining area you will be able to enjoy the green view or the golf course and the pool, and don’t forget about the lake view.

Contemporary Bedroom In Posh Potuguese Residence

Curved Kitchen Dessign In Posh Potuguese Residence

Elegant Kitchen Island In Posh Potuguese Residence

Glass Bedroom Of Posh Potuguese Residence

Infinity Pool In Posh Potuguese Residence

Gallery of Modern Residence with a Lake View
unique Orange chairs in Posh potuguese residence
Curved kitchen dessign in Posh potuguese residence
the palm tree in Posh potuguese residence
glass bedroom of Posh potuguese residence
Contemporary bedroom in Posh potuguese residence
luxury dining room in Posh potuguese residence
Modern stairs in Posh potuguese residence
the lake view of Posh potuguese residence
elegant kitchen island in Posh potuguese residence
wooden eliptical dining table in Posh potuguese residence
infinity pool in Posh potuguese residence
bathroom of Posh potuguese residence
the backyard of Posh potuguese residence
pool design of Posh potuguese residence
the Glass balustrade in Posh potuguese residence

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