Modern Shoebox Apartment with Functional Space

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Bedroom Inspiration Shoebox Studio Apartments

You will be so surprised to see these shoebox apartment. These shoebox studio apartment have a unique way to bring the solution for the small areas. Every space inside these NYC shoebox studio apartment is so functional. You will not find an empty and useless space here because all of them can perfectly used with the small touch of creativity. The creator here can successfully bring this place into a perfect look of two-window Manhattan shoebox.

Created by the magic hands of JPDA, these pretty apartment can finally catch your attention. Bringing the modern and clean atmosphere from the white painted wall and combined with the awesome arrangement from the wood materials, these place can finally result the softness inside the room. The wood is used in almost all aspects (except the wall) inside this place and can perfectly create the warmness in the middle of the cold white walls.

Door-less transition that has been applied inside this area can bring the openness to the room and act as the barrier between the kitchen and living room area. The wood kitchen furniture is co perfect to be combined with the stone floor. The super comfortable bedroom inside this apartment is so interesting also because it comes with the high privacy for you and your family. Combined with the pop-up skylight slit in another side as a way to bring the sunlight in so these bedroom is fully illuminated by the natural light and has any access to enjoy the city view with it.

They bathroom here is created in modern arrangement with the grey color in many areas. Combined with the glass accent, they modern look can perfectly appear. Even so, the small touch of wood can also be found here. Including in the area under the sink. They use this spot to create a small storage space. They also use every single space on the stairs as storage space. This is what I said about no more useless space. Even the unexpected area can be used well.

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