Modern Stacey Turley Residence that engages the Forest Environment

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Amazing Home Design With Cozy Family Room And Interesting Balcony With Fresh Air And Colorful Family Room

It is an incredible thing to find a modern house in a forest environment: the enchanting Stacey Turley residence in Ottawa. Designed by the skillful architects from Kariouk, this comfy spot is beautifully integrated in a fresh ambiance. As you can see in the pictures, this contemporary home is built in a beautiful forest environment. Thus, you can easily enjoy the fresh air and the mesmerizing panoramic views.

This residence is built in a square shape, with a flat roof, so that the minimalist structure is easily noticed. On the inside, the living room perfectly combines a white theme with vibrantly colored decorations. The white wall and ceiling are beautifully highlighted by the yellow sofa, orange rug and wooden drawer. The piano and guitar are the perfect details to welcome your guest.

On the second floor, the yellow touch is also added on a space on the wall. So you will have a vibrant ambiance as you pass by. In the middle room there is a cool fireplace made from stainless steel, perfect to warm you up in the chilly days. The kitchen also features a yellow wall in the kitchen island area. There is also a penthouse overhang with a comfy chair that is perfect to relax in. So, get ready to enjoy the fresh ambiance of the forest environment surrounding this residence!

Amusing Home Design With Interesting Roof Design Supported By A Firm Concrete And Big Trees Around The House And A Significant Small Front Yard Covered By Falling Leaves

Classical Home Design With A Fireplace And The Firewood In Front Of A Dark Background Supported By The Floor With The Same Color

Comfortable Family Room With A Set Of White Sofa And A Maroon Carpet Upon The Black Smoke Floor And A Set Of Dining Table

Comfortable Home Design With Cheerful Colors And Surrounded By Neat Trees And Well Taken Care Grass In The Front Yard With Straight Foot Line Covered By Falling Leaves

Fascinating Home Design With Three Cheerful Colors And Covered With Black Solid Roof And Simple Firm Ladder And Some Big Trees Behing The House

Gallery of Modern Stacey Turley Residence that engages the Forest Environment
Inspiring home sketch with well positioning trees and nice model room and well designed kitchen with modern ornaments
Classical home design with a fireplace and the firewood in front of a dark background supported by the floor with the same color
Modern kitchen with yellow big cupboard and some fruit on modern cup on the cream colored table and a set of dining table surounded by six light yellow chairs
Inspiring home design with orange color and some bright yellow lamps with white ceiling and a set of yellow chair in the balcony rounded by silver fence
Comfortable family room with a set of white sofa and a maroon carpet upon the black-smoke floor and a set of dining table
Comfortable home design with cheerful colors and surrounded by neat trees and well-taken-care grass in the front yard with straight foot line covered by falling leaves
Amusing home design with interesting roof design supported by a firm concrete and big trees around the house and a significant small front yard covered by falling leaves
Interesting living room with red carpet and white sofa with an interesting pillow on it and a flower on the table on far side and some white lights supported by white wall and ceiling
Fascinating home design with three cheerful colors and covered with black solid roof and simple firm ladder and some big trees behing the house
Amazing home design with cozy family room and interesting balcony with fresh-air and colorful family room
Futuristic home design with white interior color supported by some white light and a yellow hanging on the ceiling and the wooden lader fenced by the white steel
Interesting home sketch with various room and well-placed property

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