Modern Teenage Bedroom Ideas

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Cool Teenage Bedroom Designs For Small Rooms

Making a good bedroom for our kids especially for the teenage is so important. As parents you must prepare a comfortable place for them. And, if you are searching some ideas to make it, here we will show you about the wonderful design from a talented designer from Russia, Eugene Zhdanov. I believe after you take a look at these pictures you will find so many ideas that can help you make a pretty teenage bedroom ideas for your teenage daughter or son. Here, we have both of them.

The bedrooms are created in many design. Beginning from the modern until the classical bedroom with the boyish and feminine accent based on the owner’s need and the style. Created in many materials beginning from concrete and wood that combined with another accents such as metal, bricks, and pretty decorating items on the wall.

For the girls, the cheerful colors are good decision. It can be combined with the girl things. You can play with the colors on the wall. But, if your daughter likes the calmness without too much triking colors, white can be a good decision. And, to fill the empty impress of the white color, wallpaper can be a good solution. The wood furniture can be chosen if you think that the color is cheerful enough. For the floor, wood with its natural color is always interesting to be combined with the rug.

For the boys, we have some modern bedrooms that can be chosen. You can still play with the colors here. But, in this condition the masculine color is the best one. The boy’s color such as blue, red, or grey will be great. Even so, white can also be used to make the room seems bigger. And, you can take the advantage from the bricks to give any details to the wall. The boy’s thing such as cars picture and the car’s stuff can also be used to decorate the bedroom and creates an awesome teenage bedroom designs.

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