Modern Urban Garden with The Striking Concrete Element

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Beautiful Urban Gardening Ideas

Urban garden is a good solution for people who love the modernity, but still need to see the green nature around their home. That is why, many homes in the middle of the city has a small size as a green area with the great urban garden designs. You will find the same thing inside this urban farm designs. It has all the things that we are talking about. The modernity, style, and simplicity to represent the urban lifestyle of the citizen.

For the citizen, the park part in the middle of concrete materials can bring the fresh air for the citizen like as New York people. It can give any connection between the building with the people who live inside it and nature.
This amazing creation is coming from the New Zealand’s hand. Tim Stephens is the designer behind this awesome project and specially created for Huntington, Long Island. The park is created with the planters with many green plant that face the sun. This area is not only created as a place to plant the food, but also as a circulation for the air and as a spot to balancing the atmosphere of the building.

The park is created in square form. So, all part here seems like concrete boxes with the green plant in the middle. Green, but still seems modern and unique. The modernity from the concrete is still strong and striking from the overall look.

Isn’t like the common park, every part here is made architecturally. But, unlike a building, the landscapes is created perfectly to bring us to enjoy the surroundings. The overall design can make us feel the green without feel like we are standing on the garden. The idea is to connect all part of the plant in all sides united each other with the walkways that brings you to the concrete maze of park.

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