Modern W House with Its Perfect Minimalist Design

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Contemorary W House Design

Modern home still becomes a trend nowadays in many places in the world including Thailand. It is well known with the simplicity and modernity. I believe this is the thing that has been considered by the designers from IDIN Architects from Thailand. They create this awesome modern W House with the reflection of the modern and urban lifestyle with the super unique theme behind the modern and minimalist style.

The W House is created in the Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with to show the modern personality of the owner. This home has the unique shape from the mixing of volumes to get a wonderful look. The modern interior inside this pretty modern home is the combination between black, white, grey, and brown color that you can find in almost all sides of this home. The glass accents in the windows and walls are also striking and dominant because it is used in big frequency. And, that decision can make this home comes more modern and minimalist. Combined with the stone touch outside, everything is getting perfect. But, even so the overall design can perfectly blend and unite with the surroundings and the green grass in the yard outside this home.

The interior design that you can find inside this two levels home is the modern style with the super simple stairs to connect each floor. Inside this square home, mostly it uses the combination between grey and white as the main theme and combined with the fresh color in the furniture such as seat in the living room. The bedroom comes with its super simple and minimalist style without any accents. The brown bed can blend perfectly on the white walls and floor. Featured with the super big glass wall in the other side, you will get the access to enjoy the environment outside. The bedroom is created with the same theme with the wonderful wood accent in the floor and wall. For me, all of them can perfectly give the soul into this distinct color pallete W house design.

Modern W House Bathroom

Modern W House Bedroom

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Modern W House Design

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