Modern White Sea House Design as Modern Ideas of Architecture

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Balcony White Sea House Design

If you see the picture of white house design below, you will think that this house is so modern. In other word, this white sea house design is completed with modern architecture. Then, there are also many things in this house that is interesting enough to be applied in our home. As we know that this modern white sea house design is located in Japan.

Moreover, the White Sea House design was made by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier and is a good example of clean space planning combined with modern architecture.The interior was decorated using white accessories like a sofa,dining table and many other white furniture.The clean and minimalist interior feature a softer look,comfortable and more personal.Personally i love the interior scheme, but isn’t for me.The big window from living room offer awesome views to the sea. In fact that sea always loved by many people. We can spend our whole time in the beach, near the sea. However, sea is the right place where we can find calmness.

In addition, as you see based on the picture of modern white sea house design, we will get great view from the sea. Positioned to sea, the house enjoys beautiful views through big expansive windows allowing light penetrate the entire house. Only the chairs and wall mount TV add a little bright to the room.In my opinion the interior is too white and should be added more black accessories for a equal contrast. Although there is weakness, there is also great things form this design too. However, whatever your opinion about the white sea house design it will not change the opinion of this house by sea lovers. It is because we will get great chance in spending our time by looking at the sea. Just imagine how the blue sea will erase our pain in life. Just imagine how the sound of the sea will lead us into nice sleep well.

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