Modern Yellow Bathroom Vanity inside The African Bathroom

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Amazing Yellow Red Natural Bathroom Design

For the youth, I believe there is nothing else, but modern design. This is very suitable for the citizen who loves the urban lifestyle so many refreshing colors feature the chic accents. Just take a look at this yellow bathroom vanity and, you will be impressed easily.

The Bathroom Vanity is a piece of the Cerasa’s 2011 Suede collection. It is created with the bright and cheerful color. Mostly the bathroom’s wall is created from the concrete with the soft color. Another color such as yellow accent is coming from the other stuff such as shelves and cabinet. Very unique and the yellow color of the cabinet and shelves make the bathroom comes cheerful and fresh. Its atmosphere is playful enough for the youth.

The overall design of the bathroom has a unique combination between the modern touch with the ethnic African touches. They designer brings the unique stuff such as the unique dark brown accents on the walls. It also has many sink beginning from the modern one until the traditional one. The African atmosphere is getting stronger with the unique zebra accent on the floor. As we know, Africa has a close relationship with the forest, right? And, finally all of that unique combination can bring the awesome and mysterious look into the bathroom. Ethnic style combined with the modern yellow vanity in the same time.

The collection is covering bodies, drawers, and doors. All of them are created from the chestnut. Don’t be afraid because all of them are available in many beautiful color that can be chosen based on the bathroom style and your personal taste. The handle of the door is designed with the awesome design and unique shape that can help you bring the modern atmosphere and stylish look into these awesome design of curvaceous lines yellow bathroom.

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