Modern Zip Bed for The Neat Bedroom

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Beautiful And Luxurious Bed Design Red And White Color Images

Zip bed like what I will show you here can be a good bed type for people who doesn’t really like to clean and arrange the bed every morning after sleeping. These futuristic zip bed is created with the zip in the edge that can make the bed and blanket united in one piece. This zip bed seems like a luxury sleeping bag with the awesome shape and detail. So, you can just keep it tidy by closing the zip with rearrange the bed. You get two in one furniture here because when it is closed I can be a modern and futuristic sofa for your guests.

This awesome bed comes with the modern style. Very futuristic and simple without too much additional accent. This bed can be so perfect to be combined with the minimalist arrangement. The shape of this bed is the real reflection of the simplicity and can be a great main point for the bedroom of your apartment. Something like this can also help you make your bedroom bigger because the simple shape will never make your room seem full and crowded. When you need a couch, just close the zip. Then, when you need the warmness of the bed, the thing that you need to do is just open the zip, get into the bed, and use the cover as the blanket.

Created in two different colors, the white and grey. The modernity will be more shown. Inside these awesome bed, you will get the red cove of the mattress and pillow. The contrast between these color can bring the freshness to the room. All of these color combinations can represent the flexibility in the citizen urban lifestyle.

But, even so we get a little problem with this bed. Don’t you think it will be a little bit difficult to clean it up?

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