Modernite Luxe et Elegence House

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Alluring Interior Home Design With Pertentious Furniture On White Glossy Mmosaics Floor And Dark Brick Patterned Wall Beside Squiggles Door Beightened Up By Floating Lamps Hanging On The White Ceiling

Actually, designing your home using a Merlin Bergero concept will get you a stunning house. Located in Arizona, the Modernite Luxe et Elegence house has a mesmerizing design which combines a classical and modern style. As you can see at the overhang, the white wall and white flooring is filled with potted greenery, adding that natural effect that every home needs. The white comfy chair and white table are neatly equipped to offer a nice relaxing space in a fresh ambiance.

Stepping into the living room, you will find a retro style, portrayed by a brown sofa and a white wall. The big stand lamp with a glass stem produces elegant lighting by night. The potted greenery creates a fresh ambiance inside the room and the white furniture creates an immaculate effect. The dining room and kitchen are built in the same space as the living room.

Moving to the bedroom, you will find that the pure white theme of the house is neatly continued on the wall, flooring, sofa bed and pillows. A dark touch is also used for a little contrast on the blanket and the picture on the wall. The white desk and white chair are equipped to be used as a study space. The walk-in-closet is placed beside the bedroom and it’s perfect to store everything from clothes, to shoes and bags. The bathroom continues the immaculate atmosphere of the house with the white theme, creating a perfect place to take a relaxing bath. We are sure you’ll be able to create some great moments living in a comfy house like this!

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Gallery of Modernite Luxe et Elegence House
Alluring interior home design with pertentious furniture on white glossy mmosaics floor and dark brick patterned wall beside squiggles door beightened up by floating lamps hanging on the white ceiling
Amazing home design with a set of sountertop and white chairs in front of glassy partition an a  house plant in aluminium vasr beside plush sofa
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Fascinating interior home design modern furnitures and brick patterned wall beside some house plants between a big window glass and a transculent white curtain
Amazing bed roon design with a dark big bed on black tile floor with white pillows and a resses lighting on the white table at a the corner
Modern wastafel design on white patterned glossy table with a white flower on a small vase in fron of a impeccable mirror with a folded tovel and a fragrant spray
Comfortable living room design with a bid beige long sofa and a white flower on long table covered with wihte table cloth in front of crikc patterned white wall and a standing glass lamp on white table
Confortable bed room design with white soft lounge with clothing storage covered by thick white curtains between two big beige beds and a resess lighting on a white wooden table
Elegant bath room design with a high shower with glass partition beside white closet and some folded tovels and a wastafe in front of immpeccable mirrors with a cute house plant and a white folded tovel
Amazing bed room design with beige bed in front of white long stusying table with arm white chair with a standing lamps and a house plant at the corner and a big white curtain
Comfortable exterior home design with grenery plants on white stools beside a standing lamp on a black round table between two white arm chairs on impeccable white dock
Fascintaing interior home design with white gloosey counter top surrounded by white chairs with long aluminium leg on white tile floor and a sntanding lamp on white wooden table at the nnoks
Amuxsng interior home design with lavish furnitures a delightfull lamps on white colored ceiling and white tile floor in front of glass door with white wooden frame
Modern kitchen design with a sountertop white glooy table with four loang ironc lecgs chairs in front of wastafel with some house plants on white floating table with panoramic picture hanging on the dark wall
Fascinating interior home design with three vassed house plants on white plank floating on brick patterned with glossy city picture and a big house plant in high multifaceted vasewall
Fascinating interior home design with an aluminium hotplate on the white countertop with fasionable oven and four white chairs with aluminium legs in front of a set of plush sofa

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