Multifunctional Furniture by Lui Alves

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In today’s post we bring you some multifunctional furniture pieces, creatively designed by Lui Alves. They are not only stylish, but also multifunctional. The shapes are interesting and unique, and the colors are really eye catching. These multifunctional furniture pieces can be called benches, tables, chairs and also storage spaces and shelves.

Made of wood, these multifunctional furniture pieces are tough and durable. Their unique shape will create a modern and cozy vibe in your home, wherever you place them. Moreover, the alluring wooden colors are beautifully combined with other vivacious hues.

To take full advantage of their multifunction, you can use the table as a seating space. Another option is to use a piece as a hanger. You can also set one up with short legs and sit on the floor around it. Another option is to use one as a desk. If you set one with long legs, you can use another piece as a chair.

The colorful shelves are also great multifunctional furniture pieces. They are great if you’re looking to design a colorful home interior. You can utilize the shelves to store your books or home accessories. You can also set them in your living room, but the best room to place them is in your kid’s bedroom.

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