Mykonos villa on the Greece Aegean Sea

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Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 031

Rest villa is what everyone wishes to have in weekend. Spend our rest time and enjoy the beautiful time. Finding comfort and beautiful rest place is difficult. But it is easy too if you have seen this picture. Can you imagine that you are the owner of this property? The swimming pool is the most interesting one. It is called Greece Aegean Sea. This is the sea Aegen Greece that is having a sensual visualization.

This property is a single family home. So, for you who have little family, may have it as your property. But you do not need to worry. For some of you that are having big family also can use it. You can rent it. Is it right? So, it is a good property to have. This building is so spectacular that is located in Sotheby’s Realty. As we have told you before that this property is situated on the Aegean Sea in Mykonos, Greece.

You may call it by Villa Andira. It is built in 4,908 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and including a spacious residence. It is not only comfort for you, but also offering wonderful amenities including a security system, gardens, wonderful outdoor living spaces and terraces, outdoor swimming pool and heavenly mountain views. Then, it looks so simple with contemporary interiors feature a simple, clean color palette with an open plan kitchen and dining area and comfortable living spaces.

Just spend your money around $7,514,375, to have one of these buildings. With the background of a hill, it becomes the most beautiful and sensational place to have. Enjoy your time here and get more satisfying. You will not feel sorry to have it as your property. Take your family here and have the beautiful moment. So, what are you waiting for? Just take a look for it as soon as possible and have it one.

Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 032

Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 033

Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 034

Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 035

Villa Andira  Aegean Sea LaurieFlower 036

Gallery of Mykonos villa on the Greece Aegean Sea
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