Natural graphic Tiles from Lindsey Lang

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Balmy Decoration For White Room With Windows Design And Chair Design Also Awesome Pattern For Floor Design

Are you looking for a change in your interior décor? Are you becoming bored of looking at the same tiles every single day? You can’t manage to find that unique pattern to satisfy your inner decorator? Take a look at these graphic versions from Lindsey Lang’s Collection that may help you find that personal accent you want to have inside your house.

There are two types of tiles that Lindsey Lang’s Collection offers: Encaustic and Granito finish. They are made from smooth marble. Both of them are handmade and come in colors like grey, pale yellow, midnight blue, electric blue and mint.

The main characteristic of the Encaustic design is the Victorian influence that is adopted in their production process. The coloration and the patterns are timelessly kept in a natural tone. The fact that you can rub the tiles after some time and have the same authentic colors coming back again, is just amazing. The other type of tile is Granito. Using the same manufacturing process, the difference lies in the colored marble that is used to make it. It features a pattern, designed from dyed marble and stonework, that leaves spotted marks on it. So, which tiles you fancy the most? Don’t forget to share your creations!

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Gallery of Natural graphic Tiles from Lindsey Lang
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