Natural Swimming Pools Ponds Across The Atlantic

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Then, for health, environmental and aesthetic reasons, a lot of people have expressed interest in alternatives to chlorine pools, and luckily there are more and more options to get wet without smelling like cleaning products. Companies offer alternative pool systems that treat water by pumping it through a chamber containing coated titanium plates and copper and zinc ions. Some make ozone injectors that can reduce the need for chlorine up to 90% — there’s been one installed at the White House for years! Some systems rely on a combination of ozone and copper and silver ions, while others are saline, though saltwater pools result in the formation of chlorine in the water.

Meanwhile, one elegant, eco-friendly solution that has had enthusiastic supporters in Europe for decades is the so-called natural swimming pool, which is slowly beginning to gain buzz in the U.S. Natural swimming pools, often called swimming ponds across the Atlantic, can be beautiful oases of greenery and sustainability, as well as safe, fun places to take a dip. Managed properly, natural swimming pools have crystal clear water and require no chemicals to maintain, as they are self-cleaning mini-ecosystems.

The natural pool designers say the systems also have lower maintenance costs than conventional pools, and their installation costs are not much more than standard designs. It means that the possibilities for natural pool designs are nearly limitless, from traditional looks to serene settings that closely resemble wild ponds.

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