Nendo Bathroom Collection with Japan Atmosphere

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Bisazza Bagno The Nendo Bathroom Collection

Japan always brings us so many impressing creation design in many aspects. Even bathroom, they always have so many surprising ideas that can be applied into an awesome form of design. Those things can be found easily inside these outstanding Nendo bathroom collection. I believe for people who love the simplicity and wood accent, this collection can be so interesting for you.

These awesome Nendo Collection is shown at the Fuorisalone in Milan last April. The awesome design is the result of the smart brand of Japanese studio, Nendo. It features the simple shapes with the modern and minimalist theme that can be a good reflection of urban lifestyle. I believe the design is so suitable for the youth who loves the simple thing without too much accent.

Every part of Nendo Collection has the sophisticated look with the wood materials and smooth natural row accent of the wood. The bright golden brown color in the bathtub seems perfect with its square shape. Very modern, simple, but still stylish. All of the arts of these bathroom beginning from the bathtub, sink, storage system, shelves, and the others are created in the same theme. The square brown with the soft and modern theme.

This collection is created for Bisazza. And, with this collection Oki Sato as the founder of Nendo says that his team tries to serve the functional, but aesthetic bathroom with the high privacy. At the end, this collection get more than it all. The wood material brings the warmness and makes this bathroom seems friendly and, it reminds us with the tea room in Japan. They can successfully bring the Japanese atmosphere into this modern and simple bathroom. Bringing the Japanese touch doesn’t mean like we need to put too much accent right? The empty space with small number of furniture like this can also do the same thing. Very warm and open, the Nendo Japanese bathroom collection by Oki Sato just has the character of the Japanese.

Bisazza Bagno The Nendo Bathroom Design Collection

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Nendo Bathroom Collection

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