Ocean Home in The Middle of Floating City

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Callebaut Ocean Home Inspiration

What do you think about an ocean home in the middle of the sea? This ocean home décor is coming and brings this concept inside an awesome project. I believe you will be shocked after you see that this micronational ocean home project is not only about a home, but it almost like a floating city in the middle of the sea. What a wonderful idea.

You might know Peter Thiel as a rich people who have invested in Facebook. Just an information, this men is behind this amazing project too. I just can’t imagine what it feels like to live in the small modern island in the middle of the sea. Far away from the land. It means you need double access to reach or control your business in the other island.

The people of Seasteading Institute are still trying to make this island comes true with using the recycled micro nations just like what can we find in an army sea fort. And, in several years, many people will move into this luxurious and exclusive place. Almost ten million people will fill the city. Bout facilities.

The floating city must cover all of the things that needed by people who live inside it. Here, we are talking about the facilities. All must be prepared well including the construction until the sanitation. Because it is sanding in the middle of the sea and water. I believe the construction is so complicated. You can see that it seems like the natural island with the plant and green area. This is another problem of this project. The buildings inside it is mostly created in modern construction. Very suitable for the urban rich people who love the modernity. It seems like a metropolitan city in the middle of the sea. That is why I can say that this project is very challenging.

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