Old Apartment : Historic Bilbao Flat Infused

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One more talking about old thing. This time, we will talk more about old apartment. This is bilbao apartment. As you see, it is a beautiful place to live in. This building is located in Nuevo Estilo. This is a real old apartment which is interesting enough in the interior design. This is an old apartment in a neoclassical building in Bilbao, Spain that gets reinterpreted to the typology of the historic neighborhood by interior designer Mikel Larrinaga.

However, we sure that old apartment is having different sensation. Meanwhile, to rehabilitate it, the owner wanted to extract all the charm of the structure and at the same time, give it some contemporary notes. Then, the designer is an expert in recovering this type of housing, applying a very current prescription to convey authenticity. Walls were uncovered the expose the original brick to give industrial strength to the house and the false ceiling was removed to achieve height, exposing the old crooked beams.

Moreover, the walls were given a fresh coat of white paint in order to gain additional light and give a sense of uniformity and harmony. Attention to detail was also given in quality of finishes and materials as well as color selection throughout the home. Old painted woodwork was reproduced and oak flooring was installed, which was given a coat of matte oil that softens its color and gives a true Nordic air. In this way, an environment was created, very neat and full of clarity. Neutral shades were chosen in the fabrics mixed with vintage furnishings and retro flare, along with 20th century lamps and fun bursts of color compose an atmosphere that exudes personality and warmth. So, what are you waiting for to have one of these buildings? Just take a look in it deeper.

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