Old Car Beds Design with The Damaged Old Car

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Fashionable Old Car Beds Designs

Some people love their hobby very much. And, sometimes it is almost impossible for them to leave something the like. For the example, so people love to collect the old car. And, I many of them better to die that leaving their lovely car even if it is damaged and can be fixed anymore. And, if you are on the same situation when your car can’t be fixed, but you don’t want to leave it, this project might be can help you make that useless stuff comes functional by turning your old car into a bed. If you think that it is little bit weird, just take a look at these old car beds. You will love it!

This shocking Mercedes bed is totally created from the real car. The owner of the Mercedes 8 Coupe (W115) thinks that better to make his useless broken car into a bed because he loves his car very much. He cuts the front part of this car and combined it with the bed he has. He doesn’t use all parts of his car. Just the front part where you can see the lamp and wiper wash system that can’t work anymore. Even so, he still makes the front lamp of this car works well and produce the light. Combined with 2,00 x 1,80 meter bed behind it, you might can lay in the greatest bed from Mercedes. You might be can’t find the same thing like this.

At the end, this white Mercedes bed is coming with its uniqueness and luxury. The because of the original shape of the car is so interesting, I don’t think that you will need another additional accents for your bedroom. This old car beds is striking enough and can also create a playful atmosphere to the bedroom. This old car Mercedes beds is so inspiring right?

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