Old Suitcase Transforms Into A Cute Cat Bed

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Casual Old Suitcase Cat Bed

Having a pet like as cat means you should prepare your home to have a new family member who needs the best facilities such as the cat beds. So, I think as good new parents, you should choose the best pet beds for your cat. Here, some cat bed designs that I will show you ca be a good thing to your cat and your home. This can be a great thing for your new comer in your family.

The first one is the suitcase bed for the cat bed. A very cute shape with four legs in the bottom. This small bed can accommodate a cat. It seems like a very comfortable zone for your cat. Comes with many cute colors, I believe your cat will be very happy to have this cute bed.

Atomic Attic is one of the Oregon corporation that comes with so many awesome creations from the recycle stuff. And, this cute bed gets the cute shape from the old suitcase that has been recycled into a bed. With a little touch of creativity and creation, the useless ugly suitcase finally changes and get a new face.

If you don’t really like the shape of suitcases, they have another variation. The cute bed with the full color TV shape. The bed here is placed inside the TV. The TV has a rest area featured the super cozy soft mattress. I believe your cat will be getting lazy with this. The antenna in the upside of the TV can be connected with an additional stuff to play. So, the cat will get another amusement here.

Square suitcase can be so perfect, but if you don’t think that these shape can work in your home, you can also consider another shape like the circular and rounded suitcase that has been transformed into a pretty bed for our pet. The suitcases here come with so many cute style beginning from the modern until the classical suitcase style.
These suitcases come with the flexible triple stitched that can be took off. It can also be washed, so your cat will be more cozy to be there. No doubt, the cat will get the most cozy bed with this.

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