Lovely closed and open Shower Ideas for a contemporary Look

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Beautiful Bath Room In Modern House With Green Color And Marmer Floor With Wood Roof Also Exotic Wash Foot And Some Glass Window With Cream Color

To perfect the contemporary look of your home, you need to complete it with beautiful interior elements, even in the most private spaces, like the bathroom, and even if this space might be invisible to the “public”. There are many decoration styles you can choose from, but you the first thing you need to consider is the shower design.

The shower is an essential element of a modern bathroom design that can create certain uniqueness in your interior. Before choosing a design, you need to decide if you want a closed or open shower in your bathroom. If you want a closed shower the best thing you can go on is a contemporary design. For example, you can use a glass shower box that lets you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the shower space. There are also some sophisticated designs available for the shower space. Besides utilizing it as a shower box, you can use it as a window so that you can enjoy the overlook.

On the other hand, if you want to be closer to nature, you can design your shower in an open space or outdoor. This way you can enjoy the natural views surrounding your home. To reinforce the natural sensation, you can utilize wood to create an open shower. It will look fabulous! So what do you think, would you prefer a closed or an open shower space?

Exotic Bath Outdoor With Wood Material And In Red Colored With Beautiful Backyard And Some Shade Tree And Small Table With Wood Material Also Some White Towel

Simple Bath Room With Brown Colored And Marmer Floor With Ceramics Material Of Wall And Modern Wash Basin And Bing Mirror Also With Village View

Simple Bath Room With White Colored And Wood Floor And Two Mirror In Wash Basin And Showeer In The Glass With City View

Gallery of Lovely closed and open Shower Ideas for a contemporary Look
exotic bath outdoor with wood material and in red colored with beautiful backyard and some shade tree and small table with wood material also some white towel
simple bath room with white colored and wood floor and two mirror in wash basin and showeer in the glass with city view
beautiful bath room in modern house with green color and marmer floor with wood roof also exotic wash foot and some glass window with cream color
simple bath room with brown colored and marmer floor with ceramics material of wall and modern wash basin and bing mirror also with village view

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