Origami Coffee Table, A Piece of Art

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Origami Coffee Table By Martin Pitonak

Everything can be a good inspiration from the designers. Including the art. It can also bring impact to another art. It can influence each other. And, the traditional art of Japan has brought the big inspiration for the designer to create this cute furniture. This is because the origami and the philosophy can work and be used in architecture and construction. So, here they finally make a wonderful origami coffee table with those philosophy and principle.

This Origami Coffee Table. Is created by Martin Pitonak, a talented designer from Toronto. Here, he makes this coffee table with the modern design. This coffee table is created from two different pieces. The wood and the glass pieces. The wood is used to making the legs that represent the origami with the details that almost look like the real origami. Then, the second part is the glass layer. The glass is used as the tabletop. With 42″x42″ of size, it is big enough to accommodate the stuff that you will place in the table. The transparent glass makes the origami accents visible from the top. And, all of them result a very elegant and exotic look to the table. Or, it seems like there is a big origami inside the glass table.

This table can be so perfect to be combined with the modern arrangement. This is because the overall look of the table can bring the luxury to the room. Just like what we can see, this table seems so elegant. And, I believe it can help you make your space seem graceful and classy with it. I really like this combination because it finally can result a very modern table that so flexible to be placed everywhere. And, honestly this is not only an exotic and elegant origami coffee table, but this is a part of art.

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