Original Idea of Heart Shaped Bed Frame

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Black Heart Shaped Bed Frame

There are many idea of bed shape, including heart shaped bed frame. Can you imagine what is it will look like? Just see in the picture, then you will fall in love with it. However, if you ask a girl what is her idea of a perfect room she will certainly mention a lot of pink and a heart-shaped bed. Meanwhile, if you ask a guy the same thing you will most likely hear something about a mini-fridge filled with beer and football chairs. But in the real world these two different species have to co-exist, so they have to make some compromises. That is why most living-rooms and bedrooms are totally neutral both as color and furniture. In this case, the heart shaped bed frame will complete the idea.

Moreover, it is not a must for you to love the heart shaped bed frame. But in fact, every once in awhile men are willing to accept to spend the night in a heart-shaped bed , but this is only to prove their love for the wife or fiance. So I strongly advise all women not to try this at home and order a heart shaped bed sheets for their bedroom, even if they are in the first year of marriage. Make yourselves a favor and find a hotel with such a bed where to spend your honeymoon or Valentine’s Day, as heart-shaped beds are most likely to be found there. So, what are you doubt more? The heart shaped bed sheets is not bad idea to be applied in your home.

However, can you see that there is good looking in all these nice-looking beds that look like a heart. it will be more interesting, if it is colored in different way. For example I simply like the pale pink one and the white one with blue insertions. Need more prove? Just see in the picture above. it is an unusual bed because apparently these colors do not fit together : spring green, very dark green and pink. But somehow the combination looks nice. So, what other style you will choose to finish your heart shaped bed frame?!

Blue Heart Shaped Bed Frame

Couples Heart Shaped Bed Frame

Eco Choices Heart Shaped Bed Frame

Heart Shaped Bed Frame

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