Other Ideas of Blue Vitex Tree for Your Inspiration

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Beautiful Blue Vitex Tree

There is a new idea of blue vitex tree. If you are searching for a tree with flowers to be planted in your garden, I think that Vitex tree can be your best selection. Today’s post has collected six chic pictures of this beautiful tree and flash information which can be your inspirational idea in revamping your garden. You can take a look at whole the pictures as detail to feel how elegant this Vitex tree is. Vitex tree is also known as Chaste tree.

Additionally, this blue vitex tree has been the favorite plant to grow favor across the country in the southern. This is a kind of tree which can grow in a large size. If you want to let it be large with its grandiose performance, it does not matter. But if you want to cut back this tree annually for creating more compact look, I think that it is able to be your great choice to do. The blue vitex tree or Chaste tree has fine lacy leaves which are glossy and green. Besides, it also offers you bright blue flower panicles which begin to form in early summer and continue through the heat of the season and into fall.

Moreover, the flowers in blue vitex tree make the tree look more striking and elegant. This includes in a reasonably cold-hardy and deer-resistant woody plant which can be grown in Zone 6 and even in southern areas of Zone 5. The Vitex is best known for its beautiful spikes of purple blooms which can revamp your garden in the summer months. For flash information that the Vitex is prized for not only these unique desert blooms, but also for its natural ability to attract butterflies to the landscape. And it is very attractive. So, just take the best idea of blue vitex tree.

Blue Violet Vitex Tree Picture

Blue Vitex Flower Tree

Blue Vitex Tree

Blue Vitex Tree 2013

Blue Vitex Tree Closed Up

Gallery of Other Ideas of Blue Vitex Tree for Your Inspiration

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