Paint Color for Living Room Walls

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Do you have idea to paint colors for living room? It means you have to find the correct one for paint color for living room walls. However to picking up a color for living room walls is not difficult. For example, it is white color that creates and impressive feeling of wideopen space and cleanliness. Then, it is also green for walls. Green Colors gives freshness and coolness of nature and looks refreshing to the eyes. Any shade of green with blue and grey gives pleasant look. Any shade of green has contrast in colors with orange, peach, pink or light brown shades.

Meanwhile, there is blue color that recalls nature and gives ideal shade for bedroom. It provides a feel of crisp morning air when shades of blue are used with white. And yellow that enlightens a room in a cheerful, sunny sort of fashion. Never paint a very large wall continuously with any yellows. This makes the room seem over affectionate. Moreover, brown color is becoming more fashionable color today. Its brown shades blend superbly with wooden furniture and the shades such as light brown can be contrasted with blues and greens excellently.

Furthermore, pink can be absolutely charming in living room. There are still many colors such as light color, dark color, neutral color, and earthy color. Then, how about getting desire effect for the living room? For Soothing Effect, just apply a combination of sage green with some light sky blues and lavenders that goes quite well together if you are decorating to have a soothing effect and avoid anything too glowing or bright that will not be calming.

Also, for Energetic Effect, you can apply a combination of white with bright red, yellow, blue and orange accents that will energize the place. Or use a combination of bright colors like reds and yellows with a bit of orange added in it so that you can wake up easily in the morning and make use of warmer colors like yellow and orange that make a nice color combination or you can tone it a bit by using brown for a variety. It is just the same to get Romantic Effect. You can apply deep jewel tones to create a romantic mood whereas grey and brown can be fine color combination. Then, opt for whites as these can match very well with some darker, rich colors like pink, maroon, or gold for a more elegant bedroom and make use of deep colors instead of light that can give the room a warm and cozy feel.

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