Paint Ideas for Living Room Walls

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Do you have living room paint ideas? So, make your paint ideas for living room walls.

In other ways, a living room is one of the first places people see when they enter your home. It is a place to welcome visiting friends and family members; therefore, it should feel warm and inviting. O, use paint to add warmth and welcoming atmosphere to give that lasting impression. Choose a paint idea that works well with your home’s overall design style.

The most important thing to have your paint living room wall, do not limit you with plain white walls. Use color to liven up your living room. Then, avoid using a similar color that you used for your ceilings. Use two-tone painting technique such as apply a darker wall tone and choose a similar color in the same color family, but a much lighter hue, for the ceilings. For example, dark tan walls with creamy ceiling paint would work well together. Do not allow too much contrast so that the living room doesn’t look chopped up. Imagine dark red walls with white ceilings; it would make the room look like you ran out of paint and you left your ceilings unfinished. It can also make the room recede and seem smaller.

Moreover, you can choose a focal wall that you can use as the accent wall. Paint it a different color than the other three walls. Choose a wall that people would notice right away, such as one that immediately faces the entryway or a wall that has a big mirror or a prized artwork. Then, give your living room depth and texture by using decorative painting techniques. Rag rolling, sponging, Venetian plaster and stenciling are just some of the most common decorative painting techniques that you can use. Choose Venetian plaster for an opulent look that is marble-like in appearance. The finish is smooth and shiny, which can reflect light into your living room. Or add a look of rough texture using sponges and rags. Mix two or three complementary colors. Stencil shapes or words to add flair and personality. Use them along the borders or on the focal walls.

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