Penthouse Style Apartment Design by Mark Cunningham

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Awesome Living Room With Black Sofa And White Armchair With Marble Floor Also Bookcase

Living in a penthouse is a great idea because you can enjoy beautiful views from a very high position. Moreover, a penthouse style apartment design creates a luxurious and exquisite living space. This specific apartment design comes from Mark Cunningham, check it out in the pictures below and get inspired!

The living room evokes a cheerful vibe, welcoming your guests as soon as they enter the penthouse. The large sofa and the many different colors used in the décor make sure that the look of the room is far from monotonous. Moreover, the glass wall framed by dark wood, gives a fresh and natural vibe to the living room. The large shelves and the pictures on the wall add an artistic touch to the space. For an even more fabulous effect, this room is adorned with blooming flowers. They will surely make you smile every time you see them. The room is nicely complemented with bright white curtains.

The kitchen uses beautiful colors to create a great atmosphere while cooking. The bathroom creates an illusion of a larger space using a gorgeous wall mirror. There is also a retro vibe in this apartment design in the big wooden wardrobe, where you can store many things. So what do you think about this penthouse style apartment design? Are you feeling inspired? Which elements would you use in your interior design? Tweet us!

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