Perfect and Simple Bathroom Collection from Axor

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Axor Starck Organic Ambience Faucets

Talking about bathroom, you must take a look at these bathroom collection. All of them are coming from the brilliant idea of Philippe Starck. He is a great designer from Axor Starck Organic. And, for Axor Starck Organic. Also, he creates these awesome bathroom collection. He has launched his new collection for Axor in E-Werk a few times ago.

For now, Philippe Starck comes with the modern and contemporary style and design. All of them consist faucet, sink, and shower. His new bathroom collection represent the flexible urban lifestyle. And, I believe it will be so great to be combined with the modern arrangement and contemporary home with the urban style.

These new bathroom collection is created from a good and durable material. They use metal as the main material. Metal is a good decision if because the main theme of this product is modernity. As we know, metal always can support this concept. It has the modern look and color. The natural color of metal always bring the futuristic impress to the home.

The faucet for the sink is designed with the unique shape. The shape is very simple with the combination of two lines. Without having too many accents, these faucet is very modern and stylish. Very suitable with the minimalist home. The simple shape is very matched for the youth who loves the modernity and freedom.

Besides faucet, the bathroom collection also has a pretty shower. The shower is created in super simple form. It is almost like a line with the pipe for the water. Very simple, but modern and elegant. The faucet of the shower has a unique T form that linked with the pipe and shower. Using the same material, you don’t have to be worried about the strength. As we know, metal is so durable. I guess Philippe Starck has perfectly created an awesome design. I can say that these bathroom collection by Axor starch organic is so perfect.

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