Perfect Combination Inside A Semi Minimalist Home

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A Bit Of Green To Make It Warm And Inviting In Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

When arranging a modern look, this is not only about the simple shape without details and something like that. It also means about the harmony. Why do I say so? This is because an architecture is also about the beauty and coziness, not only about the theme and style. A good home must have all of them in the perfect balance. And, seriously that is the hardest part in arranging home, not only on the modern home, but all types of the home. And here, I have the pictures from a unique home with the semi minimalist home theme. I believe these inspiring picture will teach you about the correct way to arrange and design a modern home.

This semi minimalist home design is a creation of WCH Interior Design. Here, they use the modern theme as the main theme. It is proven by the material which used. You can see that concrete and steel are dominant in this place. Then, they covered with the neutral colors such as black, white, grey, and brown. All of them have brought the cold atmosphere into this home with the clean effect. Even so, the brown touch in the floor can balance it all and serve the stylish look.

Mostly, the aspects inside this semi minimalist home with sleek and stylish design has represented the modernity well. Just like what you can see in the dining room set and stairways. They are created with the simple shape which covered with the dark color and almost without any details. Even you can find any patterns in the walls, it’s just the line patterns which have been the character of the minimalist home design. The designer also use some additional utilities and accessories inside this home such as the hanging lamp and the rug that can make it seem more stylish. Some plants can also be placed inside the spaces to bring the freshness between the neutral colors inside this home.

Beautiful Dining Room With Heavy Wooden Table In Dark Colors In Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

Floating Divider Seperating The Living And Dining Space In Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

Guest Bedroom With Blue Gray Walls In Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

Living Room Of Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

Master Bedroom With Headboard Along The Window Wall In Semi Minimalist Home With Sleek And Stylish Design

Gallery of Perfect Combination Inside A Semi Minimalist Home

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