Perfect Decoration and Details on Industrial Bedrooms

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Driftwood Desk Industrial Bedroom Design

Modern theme in the bedroom doesn’t only mean about the minimalist one. If you are bored and try to find something new, I think you can also consider about the industrial theme. The industrial theme has a close relation with the modern arrangement. Mostly, the industrial accent can bring the modern look into the space. And, if you are interested with that idea, here we have brought two industrial bedrooms concept with the modern industrial look. Take a look closer to these pictures because I believe you will find so many inspirations.

These two awesome designs are created by Blalank Studio and Ramon Zancanaro. Here, they make these bedrooms come very trendy and modern with the awesome style. The first bedroom comes with the super stylish look with the grey color in almost all sides of the space. Even so, the white accent in the roof makes it seems bright and clean. Combined with the wood accents on many furniture such as table, bed and door, the industrial look here seems so chic and attractive. The metal accents in many decorative element such as the lamp and shelve frame make it come more modern. I really like the pretty hanging details above the bed. It’s so cute.

The second bedroom comes with the white atmosphere. White paint is chosen to cover the wall bricks, frame of the windows, and roof. I really like the wall pattern with the bricks accent in the wall. It is interesting for me. The white atmosphere seems great to meet the wood pattern in the floor white the brown bed in the middle of the bedroom. The overall look makes this bedroom seems bright and clean because of the white atmosphere of course. Mostly, the industrial accents in this bedroom come with the wood material. That is a good choice to make the white atmosphere inside this industrial bedroom design balance.

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