Perfect Design Example of Super Tiny Apartment

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White Sweedish Bedroom Details Tiny Apartment Interior Design Ideas

When we decide to move in an apartment, I believe we will find the same problem in arranging our apartment. This is because there are so many things that we have, but we must face the limited area in our apartment. Well, some people with limited money only can get a small apartment with the cheaper price, right? Especially in the big city when something like this is getting crucial and becomes a common problem. And, for some people something like this becomes a big problem because they have no idea about the trick to handle this problem. That is my reason to bring this tiny apartment design to help you arrange your small apartment and fix this big problem.

This super small apartment has only 41.5 square meters of size. Because of its super tiny size, the creator chooses white as the main color. The white is used in all sides of this apartment beginning from the walls, roof, and furniture. Combined with the warm brown floor, the overall design seems awesome and modern. The modern style makes this apartment comes eye catching and pretty. And, if you think that this white apartment is boring, you are totally wrong because the small touch of the colors is coming from the small accent and detail such as paintings, cushions, etc. I also love the green rug on the living room and the red wallpaper in the bedroom. All of them have brought the freshness into the room and make it come cheerful and interesting.

The main idea of this apartment is simple. The things you can find here is coming without too many accents and details in the furniture. They use the area above the bedroom to placing the white shelves as the storage space with the frame of the window as the table. The small kitchen is placed on the other corner comes with its modern style with the tiles accents in the wall with a small window to bring the natural light. What a wonderful tiny apartment interior design ideas.

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