Perfect Lighting in A Modern Blend Apartment

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Elegant Unsual Mix Of Textures And Materials Apartment Poland

Modern arrangement means never ending design for me. There are so many thing that can be explored and there are so many inspirations that can bring us the brilliant ideas. Even actually it is standing behind the simplicity that seems very close with the lines and form without too much detail, but the creativity of the talented designer at the end can prove that those limitations finally become a challenge for them to create a new awesome project. Those things are standing inside this modern blend apartment.

These pictures are coming from Warsaw, Poland. Created with 200 square meter of size, this apartment can serve the luxury inside a modern style. You will see how impressing is this awesome apartment with its design. And, if you are asking about the brilliant people behind it, they answer is the team of Hola Design, they have created this awesome apartment perfectly with its high class of luxury.

The concrete is the main material in this apartment combined with the wood accent in the floor, this apartment finally seems great ad awesome. The color combination between grey, brown, white and black seems perfect to standing besides the warm wood floor. This home is created with so many glass accents. You can find it in the windows, walls, even in the furniture. There is a wonderful glass dining table near the kitchen and, honestly it is so awesome!

Besides it, lighting is a very important aspect inside this apartment. This apartment uses two different types of lighting. The first one is the lighting from the electricity. There are so many lamp inside this apartment especially in the roof. You will love the chandelier in the dinning room. It is very classy and luxurious. And, just like what you can see, all of them can create an unusual mix of textures and materials apartment with the amazing modern style.

Interior Design Modern Blend Apartment Poland

Modern And Beautiful Blend Apartment Poland

Modern Apartment Poland Unsual Mix Of Textures And Materials Apartment

Modern Blend Apartment Design

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