Perfect Location Meets Wonderful View in Riverfront Apartment

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Bedroom  Riverfront Apartment Design

Some people think that the most important aspect that must be considered in making or buying a home is their design. And, another people think that the position is the most important thing to be thought. But, what if you can get both of them? I guess you have to take a look at this wonderful riverfront apartment. Might be there are so many wonderful homes that can catch your attention around the Gold Coast, Australia. But, I believe that this riverfront apartment will be on the first place. Why? Because besides the design, this apartment will serve the rare river view and also the Surfers Paradise city skyline on the other side.

The Resident’s Club Lounge comes with all of those things. Ca you imagine that a modern home can have it all? The Resident’s Club Lounge has the view, perfect environment, and awesome design. Created with the modern design with the black white accents, this home also has many access for the owners to enjoy surroundings from its big balcony. The white is dominant as the main color of the apartment with the modern and stylish furniture. You will find so many mirror and glass accents because the designer wants to give bigger access for the owners to enjoy the scenery. Almost in all sides of this riverfront apartments are using glass to replace the wall.

The bedrooms are created with the modern style with the big glass wall in the other side. The same thing can be found in the living room and bathroom too. The bathtub is standing next of the glass window. So, you can enjoy the scenery during the bath time. And, in the outside of this apartment, the outdoor swimming pool is created with the modern design and seems united with the river. So, here you can enjoy the boat and the river any time you want. And, for me that is the best part of this riverfront apartments review. And, the worst part is about the price because we must spend US $ 450.000-$ 2.500.000 to get those awesome life experience.

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