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Serene And Simplistic

If there is a common language that knows no barriers, it is the language of color. Color has been used for centuries to depict emotions and moods. Without color, our life is like a blank canvas. In interior décor, when combined with neutral colors, a single bright color is enough to pop and make the entire room appear brighter. The use of eye popping colors in your interior décor will transform your space like never before.

Here are a few ideas to help you start experimenting with bold colors:

Serene and Simplistic 

The trick with using bold colors in your home is to limit the number of colors you choose. If your décor is largely neutral, you can easily incorporate two to three bright colors to make your décor pop. Select your colors keeping in mind that these should complement each other and not clash with each other.

Stand out

Choose a bold shade and go all in. For instance, paint one wall of your living room in a bright yellow color and leave the rest in a neutral tone. The yellow wall will instantly become the focal point in the room. Place your favorite piece of furniture against it or create a gallery wall with interesting pictures. The wall will light up the room.

Create the unexpected

Home décor and interiors become livelier when there is an element of surprise. Accessories are a great way to infuse a dark and neutral décor with color, thus adding an unexpected twist. Red floral cushions will instantly bolster against dark interiors. Similarly, if you like to constantly change and update your décor, bright accessories will help you experiment with colors and patterns.

White accents

Even though white is not considered a color at all, let alone a bold color, white accents can make your décor pop like any other bright color. Splashes of white work especially well when your décor is minimalistic and dark. A plush white rug on a walnut wooden flooring will stand out brilliantly. Similarly, if your walls are a dark shade of red, wall art framed in white will instantly draw attention. White has always been a great accent color. When it comes to white, the opposite also holds true. Pristine white walls will set off anything that is placed against them beautifully.

Fresh sophistication

Another interesting way to add bright eye popping colors to your décor is to bring elements of nature indoors. Green is fresh and relaxing to the eyes and you can incorporate greens easily by adding a few plants to your décor. If there is a space constraint, a terrarium will add the required hints of bright green. A bouquet of fresh flowers will instantly transform your dining table from boring to stylish. Experiment with other natural elements like feathers, fall leaves, shells and pine cones.

Layering colors

Once you have mastered the art of balancing bright colors you can venture into the world of layering colors. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures for a bright, playful appeal. Choose oversized patterns in bright colors and mix them with colorful textures or smaller prints. Keep in mind that the colors must not feel overpowering. You can also add a cool shade to brighten up a warm palette.

Accent Wall

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