Pretty and Unique Organic Bed for The Modern Bedroom

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Comfortable Organic Bed

Minimalist style is leading the trend nowadays. Minimalist style combined with the modern arrangement and furniture finally will result the outstanding creation. For the modern arrangement, the simple bed can be a good option. So, I think it is not a bad idea for you to take a look at this organic bed. This is because this organic bed can be so suitable to be used for the modern and minimalist bedroom.

SLEEPY is a cute bed with the modern design. This awesome and cozy product is coming from the magic hand of Angelo Tomaiuolo. Angelo Tomaiuolo created the design of this modern bed for the Tonin CASA who finally make it for real. They create this bed with the modern and minimalist design with the pretty combination between while and brown. The simple shape of this bed makes it suitable to be combined with the modern bedroom.

The shape of the overall bed is so simple. There is no their accent in this bed. It seems like it is created from two different piece. The body and mattress. The body is united with the headboard and created in the same color. The overall bed is using the comfortable material. It uses Eco-leather materials inside it to result a super comfortable bed.

This bed is so great to be combined with the unique and flexible glass table. The tables are movable, so it can be placed and removed when you don’t need it anymore. The glass tables and the awesome bed finally can bring the luxury into the bedroom. Very simple and minimalist, but still bring the luxury into the space. The big king-sized makes this comfortable organic bed suitable to be placed in the spacious modern bedroom. Use it as the main point of the bedroom is a good decision because of its awesome shape. This bed will be very suitable for the people who love the modernity and the freedom of urban lifestyle.

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