Pretty Hideaway Bedroom Under The Stairs

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Creative Hidden Single Wall Bed Design

You can surprise your guest with this hideaway bedroom. This hideaway bedroom designs can be a good place for you who want to get the quite pace to sleep. For you who has become the fan of modern architecture, this cute bedroom is including in that criteria because this hideaway bedroom in wood and white divider is coming with the amazing modern form.

I believe no one will expect to find a secret chamber behind the stairs. An unexpected place that can be used a hidden bedroom. This bedroom is created with combination between the soft colors such as white and soft brown that created in stylish modern concept. As we know, these space must be so small, so the creator here only bring a little stuff. Well, because of the main theme of this modern bedroom is minimalist, the simple and soft form is the best choice.

Created in wood element between the white walls, don’t you think that alma-nac has created this perfectly? They created this pretty place for the owner who is working as a publisher. That is why they show it by using so many book shelve that created in the wall and besides the bed. So, any time you want to get a good book before sleeping and that book will be very easy to reach.

The bedroom is linked with the lower floor with a small window that created with the sliding wood. So, you can just open or close it. Because bedroom is a private area, the window can also be locked to give us some privacy. Don’t you think that the wood accent in the floor, shelve, and bed are so match and it seems like it has the unique connection? Don’t be afraid to get cold because this room is filled by the warm atmosphere from the timber material.

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