Pretty Loop Shower with The Sculp Shape

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Exotic Loop Shower By Diego Granese

It will be great if you have a different thing that the other people. I think it is a good idea if you can bring the new and unique stuff into your bathroom. Here, I have advice for you. Why don’t you just take a look at this loop shower? Don’t you think that it is so awesome?

The Loop Shower is coming from the smart idea of Diego Granese from Granese Architecture and Design Studio. Here, he tries to make a new innovation in the bathroom utilities and finally result this pretty Loop Shower. The loop shower is a shower that has concept as a place for relaxation. That is why he places six horizontal streams and an overhead rain in this pretty shower.

This shower is created in unique circular form. It seems like a big white ring that can be used for bathing. Created in white color, this shower serves nothing but the luxury for the user. The pretty form makes it possible to be placed as outdoor shower and indoor shower. All of them can also give advantage for the overall look. This is because the petty form of this shower can also be used as the decorating items to beautify the overall design. So, it is mostly like a sculpt.

This awesome Italian shower also has the outstanding lighting that can give more effect to your bath experience especially if it is used as outdoor shower. It can be placed in your bathroom, in the edge of the swimming pool, or in the other place with the beautiful environment with the natural green view. Or, the sculpt design can be used in your modern home between the interesting city view. Then, enjoy the awesome bath experience in the outdoor shower in beautiful hot summer. Very interesting, right? This outdoor loop shower is so attracting!

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