Pretty Modern Luggage Bathroom

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Beautiful Vintage Luggage Furniture Ideas

The smart people here can perfectly turn the luggage into a unique project of luggage bathroom. Their magic brain can perfectly reach the cool ideas and finally create the awesome luggage inspired bathroom. Don’t even try to think that these bathrooms are created in luggage shape because actually here you will find the luggage inspired bathroom pieces that perfectly arrange inside these amazing bathroom.

These amazing bathroom utilities is coming from the magic hand of Colection Alexandra from Spain. This bathroom concept is created with the modern accent with the strong lines. Even so, these designs are still coming with the luxury. Even actually the main theme is simple, but still the luxury can perfectly appear. Perhaps this is because of the elegant leather and wood touch.

Alexandra has combined the white sink with the unique luggage furniture that created in two colors. The dark brown and the white. I don’t know why, but all of the luggage can remind me to the old ship of the pirates in the movie. The black one seems like an old luggage that has been modified into a new form of bathroom. So unique.

The luggage here acts as the storage space. Some of them are placed under the sink and independent cabinets. Even so, the modernity still appears because it is created in strong lines that combined with the metal accent on the tap.

Bringing something like this into your bathroom can give an amazing look. It will make your guest surprised. Because of the furniture is striking, you better not combined it with too many accents. And, of course don’t play it with too many colors. It will make your bathroom come too crowded. Just combined it with the soft lines with small accent or bring it to your minimalist bathroom. It will create an amazing combination and form a wonderful bathroom.

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