Pretty Old Home With 360 Degree Sea Scenery

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103 Year Old House Clingstone Mansion Design

What is in your mind about an old house? An ugly decrepit home with the old- fashioned style that commonly found inside the old house interior? But, this home is totally different. This is not only an old fashioned home, but this is a super unique old house on a rock. You will find this weird and uncommon home on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. This home is very uncommon because this home stands perfectly in the topside of the rock. The owner of this place, Henry Wood has successfully renovated and work very hard to change this home into a pretty green home with a unique style.

Wood and his wife have worked very hard for 40 years to renovate the Clingstone (The House on a Rock). Wood as a designer has given all of his talent, time, and energy to make a big renovation into this wonderful 10,000 square foot home. Inside this pretty home, you will find 10 bedrooms that have been built by Wood and his wife because when the first time the buy it, this home is empty. They bought this home in 1961 with a very cheap price. Only $3,600.

They brought many additional thing inside this home such as a windmill on the top of this home to produce the electricity, photovoltaic cells for hot water, and the additional Eco-friendly bathroom. Mostly, this home is created with wood material. You can see that wood becomes the main point of the home to bring the vintage old feeling. Still, wood is used almost on all parts of the house. The wood brings the warmness to the house and make the home seems cozy.

The Wood and his family always spends their time here on the weekend. You can get the uncommon view that almost impossible to get in another place because this home presents the 360 degree beautiful sea scenery from all sides of the home because it is in the middle of the sea.

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