Pretty Wood Garden Pavilion Act as Office

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Beautiful Design Minimalist Wooden Garden Pavilion Design

Making a good garden pavilion sometimes makes you think very hard. Well, it is not easy and need a lot of creativity when you must combine the shape and overall design of your home with the arrangement of the plants around it. It needs skill and taste. But, here we have an amazing garden idea that might be can help you find some inspirations.

These awesome garden is coming from the smart idea from Platform 5 Architects. They created something functional without forget the important of design and style. The combination between the pretty garden and awesome style finally created inside a garden with sculptural design. Shoeoffice is not only a garden. But more than it this is a part of art. Interested? I guess you must fly to London, England because it is located right there.

The garden has a pavilion that is created from wood materials that used for the main construction. The garden pavilion design is combined with the pretty shape and curve accent. The shape makes these pavilion seems unique and can be a great main point of the garden because it is placed in the middle of this lace. The pavilion also act as an office.

The office seems comfortable with the big glass window to access the garden. This is important because the main idea of this pavilion is creating a cozy work area in the middle of garden. Besides that, the window can also be used to get the natural light from the outside and to make the user feel comfortable. They can just open it when they need fresh air after bored because of working, right? On the top of the table, there is a glass roof that can be used to get some natural light. So, you don’t need too much lamp and electricity because the pavilion uses sunlight as the main thing to illuminate the overall space. What a creative and functional garden pavilion!

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