Re-use Materials inside The Wine and Bookshelf Combo

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Are you looking for something unique for your home? If you do, you should take a look at these pictures. We have brought some pictures of wine and bookshelf combo that might be can be used in your home. Trust me, these shelf is very different from the shelf that commonly you see in the market.

LIBRA is a unique shelf that can be used to accommodate your books and wines. The smart people from Capolinea Design in Italy have created this awesome shelf from the Eco-friendly thing. The main concept of this shelf is about creating a new stuff from the re-use material. In this case, they maximize the re-use usage of cellulose tube and cardboard.
Besides those two materials, it also uses wood and iron water pipes. Those materials are chosen because of the quality and it is durable enough. And, this way can also help us contribute something in the global warming era like this.

The unique square frame can perfectly cover the circular shape of the big tubes. All of them can finally create a unique shelf with the modern appearance. I believe it will be perfect to be placed in the middle of your room. Honestly, it can also be used as decorating items to decorate your home. The big size of the hole makes it possible to accommodate many things inside it. I believe it ca be a good and functional furniture.

The circular shape is very suitable to accommodate the wine bottles. And, if you want to use it for another things such as book, shoes, and many more, you can just give a small modification by placing the base of a tray in the hole. This shelf is very flexible and can be used vertically and horizontally based on your needs and creativity. Colored with the combination color between purple, white, and black, this shelf can create a contemporary and unique shelf. I believe it can support your modern home with its contemporary design. This is not only a fashionable wine and bookshelf combo, but more than it this is an awesome re-use creation.

Creative Wine And Bookshelf Combo

Fashionable Wine And Bookshelf Combo

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LIBRA Wine Bookshelf

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