Refresh your Bedroom Decor in less than 10 Minutes

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We all thrive on change and it is important to keep our spirits and creativity high. When not indulging in a full blown renovation, you can refresh your bedroom decor in less than 10 minutes. Do you find that hard to believe? These simple tricks and tips will help your sleep space feel rejuvenated without hurting your pocket:

Change the arrangement of the furniture

Probably the most effective way to refresh the look and feel of your bedroom decor is to change the layout of the furniture. If you have space, experiment with moving the head of the bed to a different direction. Other furniture in the bedroom, like the study table or armchairs, can be moved around to create a whole new look.

Hang a new piece of art

Swap out the wall art in your bedroom for a new piece. If you have a gallery of small frames, take them down and add one large frame. Choose wall art that makes you happy and adds a sense of joy to the room. It is amazing how much such a small change can make.

Change the linen

By far the easiest way to refresh the bedroom decor is to change the linen. If you love pastel shades, move out of your comfort zone and experiment with bright shades for your linen, throws and pillows. Mix colors, prints and textures. Use the layering technique to achieve a pleasant mix.

Designer Christiane Lemieux from DwellStudio says “I always advise a small, medium, and large scale mix of patterns in the same color family. It’s an easy way to start experimenting with prints“.

Add a pop of color

There is nothing like color to refresh a bedroom. Pops of color can instantly update your bedroom decor. Place fresh flowers on your nightstand in a contrasting colored vase and change the lampshades on the lamp. Switch from a white mohair throw to a black velvet one. Pops of colors are full of impact.

Apply wall decals

Move away from plain boring old walls by simply adding decals. These are easily available in a range of patterns and colors and will lend a sophisticated look to your room. Decals are easy to apply on the walls and will make them feel lively again.

Add a few citrusy details

There is nothing fresher than citrus. Spritz your room with a natural citrus freshener. Choose scents like lime, lemon, orange and mint. Burn a few citrus scented candles or place a diffuser with citrus oils. The citrus smell will clean and refresh the air.

Change the area rug

Depending on the time of the year, switch the area rug in the room. Bring out your Persian rug with intricate details and warm colors for the winter season. This will add warmth to the room. Conversely, use natural fiber rugs in sisal and jute that are cooling and refreshing for the summer season.

Clean the mess

Clutter can make your room feel, chaotic and boxed. Make breathing space in your room by clearing out the clutter. Ensure that the tops of things like the night stand, console table and study table are clean and tidy. Place everything in its original place and your room will feel airier and happier.

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