Refreshing and Playful Bookworm Shelf

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Bookworm For Modern House Design

Are you a book lover? And, you are looking for some shelves to accommodate your books? Forget about the common shelves with the square shape and old fashioned style. Here, we will bring you something different. An amazing design to help you arrange your book and make it as a perfect decoration for your space. So, just prepare yourself to take a look at this bookworm shelf.

This awesome bookshelf is coming from Dutch. Created by smart designers from Atelier 010, the Bookworm serves more than a shelf for your home. It serves a functional shelf that can also be used as a decorating item for your space. Here, the book is not only can be placed, but also takes place to give the decorating detail. Believe it or not, but the book cover is created in many colors that can be arranged to form a cute pattern.

This shelf I created in big triangle shape. In this unique bookcase the book will be placed in the edge of the triangle shelf. It is created in the cute color combination. Te orange, green, and white are united in one cute pattern. Besides book, you can also find another thing. In the middle of the shelf there is a space that can be used and arranged as a sitting area. So, you can read the book in the same place where you put the book. So, your seat will be surrounded by you favorite books.

You don’t have to worry about how to put it on the wall. It has steel holder that can make this shelf stand by itself. The shelf with its refreshing colors is a reflection of creativity. I believe it will be so great to be placed in your modern home. This shelf can bring the freshness and the playful touch to your home. So, are you ready to create your modern library with this creative and colorful bookworm shelf?

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