Residence design by Habit Studio Workshop

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Just look at the eclectic residence design from today’s post! The interior and exterior design is very elegant. Combining rectangular and square shapes, this minimalist and neat construction looks very unique. The front yard of this residence design is very well organized with fresh greenery. Besides enjoying the green scenery you can also relax in the overhang which is filled with wooden furniture.

When you enter the kitchen you can easily see the gleaming ambiance. A perfect, comfortable cooking space due to the sophisticated tools, like the stainless kitchen island, cupboard and drawer. A stunning dining room is designed right beside the kitchen. The perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner after cooking.

Residence design by Habit Studio Workshop

In the penthouse, there is a stainless steel staircase in a cool zigzag shape. On the hallway, some interesting pictures are hung to create an artsy vibe. The bathroom is immaculately designed with white furniture. You can really enjoy your bath time in there. Get some inspiration from this residence design to get a funky décor for your home and don’t forget to share your work!

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