Rock House by UN Arquitectura

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House Arquitectura  LaurieFlower 011

For now is the time for high technology. It gives us more positives things. Then, what about having house arquitectura? Is there any relation between technology and house arquitectura? Surely yes, it is because the design of the rock house that is made by arquitectura is so futuristic.

Moreover, the house is including in contemporary house. This contemporary home is located in West Vancouver, Canada that boasts a cool, calm interior scheme with magnificent waterfront views. You need to know that this house is for sale. Just prepare around 9 million Canadian dollars. You will have it as your own. With a great design, this house is interesting enough. It has colorful furniture.

Furthermore, it is built near the beach. So you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside of the house. For young couple, spending time here is the most beautiful time. The house is giving you many entertainment and large room to experience your desire. It is completed by billiard table too.

It is not only that, for you who loves to cook, the kitchen is made in simple design. It is also make you satisfy in cooking and also added by modern faucet. Meanwhile, there is also outside terrace. You can imagine how to spend time here. The terrace is completed by sexy lighting. This is facing the sea directly. So, you will have romantic time with your couple here. It is so amazing having this house to be yours. So, what are you waiting for more? From the outside, there is an easy stair that you can find. This stair is design in simple way too. Just take a look for the house deeper. It is a beautiful house. Bring your family here to spend your vacation. It will be a good home sweet home. What a great home design, isn’t it?

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